Amrich a textile & clothing label from India, is the labour of love of two NID (National Institute of Design) graduates - Amit Vijaya & Richard Pandav. Uniting the minimalist graphic sensibility and love for pattern of the former, with the eccentric and opulent aesthetic of the latter. Established in 2011 in New Delhi, the designer label is meant as a statement on the luxury of hand-made and the richness of Indian artisanship.

With a focus on conscious design and detail, each Amrich line is a reflection of the label's journey through the personal growth and evolution of the designers and their sensibilities. Through their work, Amit and Richard strive to engage and encourage people to appreciate the bountiful beauty and value of hand-woven textiles and handcrafted products; while recognizing the delicate balance between fragility and strength, subtlety and contrast. Intrinsically charming and eternally versatile, Amrich has played a significant role in developing and highlighting Indian handlooms as contemporary wearable luxury. Working closely alongside a variety of skilled artisan clusters and select retailers from across the country (India), amrich strives to constantly upgrade skills and opportunities of livelihood on the one hand and create awareness and appreciation of our crafts using design as a bridge between the producers, retailers and end consumers. The knowledge and use of the Country's strong craft heritage allows each piece to go through a multitude of processes. From thoughtful ideation to being carefully defined by a variety of skilled hands; to portray an individual design expression, birthed by love and passion of conscious creators.

The label aims to challenge and combine traditional techniques with artisanal talent and craftsmanship to create modern products with a soul, for the woman who recognizes and values the understated appeal of true luxury that comes from a confluence of fine natural fabrics, elegant cuts, and precise finishes with an essence of tradition to create a truly distinct look.