Fantastical she is.
A mystery? Not quite.
Mysterious… yes, right!

Self-reliant but nurturing,
Strong yet vulnerable.
Fierce when need be and delicate as time warrants.
A study in contrasts.

A bringer of joy to the ones she touches.
Some call her a free spirit, which she very well may be.
Old soul young at heart.

Inspired by a ‘person’ close to our hearts this collection offers a choreography of contrasts which translates to a range of chic shapes that draw from nostalgia but are served modern. 

A play of shadows, textures and layering of hues to create areas of interest amongst the overall visual feast is translated onto the specially handcrafted textiles through the blending of natural fibers and with the usage of the ancient crafts of resist dyeing, hand-block printing and exquisite embroideries.

Metallic yarns woven with hand-spun cotton further adorned with hand-crafted shibori give the garments just the right amount of glamour. Clamp resist (itajime) shibori brings multi-colour joy to the line. Hand-embroidery done on luxe sheer silks and silk velvets with precious glass beads adds elements of elegance and drama. The line also makes use of
hand-block print techniques to add flavour on silken shapes.

Taking forward the design label's ethos of "hand-crafted in India" the designers are committed to reinterpret traditional techniques of fine craftsmanship to create unexpected pieces of contemporary design. With a focus on design and detail, the label aims to challenge and combine traditional manufacturing techniques with artisanal talent and craftsmanship to create modern products with a soul.